Our Story

I started The Positive Vibe Movement in 2015 with a dream to end the stigma surrounding Mental Health. For me and my family, the struggles of Mental Health have been part of every day life for as long as we can remember.

I was diagnosed with OCD at 8 years old, while it had taken over 20 years for my brother to be properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was able to find my escape playing baseball but my brother wasn’t as fortunate. Being in and out of mental hospitals, we witnessed faults in the Mental Health system first hand.

All human beings are wired differently, what works for you might not work for me. Mental Health has been misunderstood for so long. We want to be the voice of change. To educate, inform, and eventually end the stigma.

No matter what you’re going through, just know you’re not alone. We’ll always have your back. This is so much more than clothing, it’s a Movement.

Matt Bahnick
Founder and Owner