Our Story

How it All Started

The Positive Vibe Movement started in December 2015 while Matt was attending Florida State University. But to really understand the inspiration behind the movement, we need to go back a fewyears during his time playing baseball at Kennesaw State University. Although he and his teammates expected to achieve something special, the season didn’t start out that way, opening with a 2-9 record in conference play. Matt recognized that he was putting a ton of pressure on himself to perform and was letting negative thoughts creep into his mind, which started to affect him on and off the field. It was at this point that Matt had a realization.

PV is Born

The next day, in the clubhouse preparing for the game, he decided to take a sharpie and write a small “PV” on his wrist tape signifying “Positive Vibes.” This way, throughout the game there was a constant reminder to stay positive. Over the next couple of games he was playing with a renewed confidence. Teammates quickly noticed, and soon the “PV” marking could be seen on the wrist tape, batting gloves, and cleats of most KSU players.

The KSU Owls went on to win 28 of their last 32 games on their way to an Atlantic Sun Conference championship, which secured them a bid in the NCAA D1 Baseball Tournament and a trip to the Tallahassee regional hosted by Florida State University. Matt delivered a passionate, heartfelt speech to the team during the rain delay vs. Georgia Southern. The Owls went on to rally and win that game in extra innings come from behind fashion. At that point it was apparent the whole team knew the power of positivity. KSU went on to defeat the University of Alabama in the Tallahassee Regional Championship, earning them a spot in the Super Regionals where they would travel to host University of Louisville. After losing the best of 3 series, the Owls came up two wins short of making it to Omaha and playing in the College World Series, but during their journey, The Positive Vibe Movement was born.

Bigger Than Baseball

The 2014 KSU baseball team finished the season ranked 13th in D1 and made it further in the tournament than any team in school history. Fresh off KSU’s magical run, Matt was excited to get back for his senior year and finish what he and his teammates had started. Unfortunately, a week after the season finished Matt received some heartbreaking news. His coach called to inform him that they wouldn’t be able to provide any help financially. Matt couldn’t afford to pay out of state tuition, so after talking it over with his parents, he decided that his time at KSU was done. Just like that, Matt went from starting at third base in the Super Regionals on ESPN to working multiple jobs over the next twelve months just so he could qualify for in state tuition at Florida State University.

Matt was so used to being a part of a team. Since 5 years old he knew nothing else. He felt lost without that team environment, alone 19 hours from home life felt purposeless. Thoughts were getting darker, and days were getting longer. He admits, without the support, love, and constant encouragement from his family and friends he’s not sure what would have happened. This got him thinking, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a support system. What if he could create a company centered on making people feel happy/spreading love. As he reflected on his journey so far, Matt realized that some of the happiest times of his life involved spreading positive vibes. Suddenly, everything clicked for him. “PV” wasn’t just a message he wrote to himself to stay positive. “PV” was now a logo that stood for so much more. From that moment forward Matt made it his mission to share his message with the world.

What began with a sharpie and some wrist tape has transformed into something much more meaningful.