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Mint “Save the Locals” Tee

Mint “Save the Locals” Tee

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 The Kemp's ridley sea turtle has the smallest range of any sea turtle species, found exclusively in the Gulf of Mexico and U.S. Atlantic, from Florida to New England. It is also the smallest sea turtle in body size. Back in the 1940s, tens of thousands of these amazing creatures nested on beaches in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Unfortunately, by 1985 there were fewer than 250 nesting females. As a result, Kemp’s ridleys were considered the most endangered species in the world. Due to amazing conservation efforts between the U.S. and Mexico, Kemp's ridleys have made a comeback. There are now more animals out there than we’ve seen in decades. But, they still need your help. 

You can help support Kemp’s ridley sea turtle conservation by purchasing a commemorative t-shirt during National Sea Turtle Week. Proceeds from every shirt sold will go directly to the Wendy Teas Memorial Grant. This grant will be used to fund projects and research on Kemp’s ridleys to support their recovery. The grant is administered by The Turtleman Foundation, a non-profit organization founded with a goal to save sea turtles by funding research projects and aiding in ocean conservation.

This fundraiser was created to honor Wendy, a dedicated sea turtle biologist for nearly 30 years. She was a nature lover with a lifelong passion for conserving sea turtles and other wildlife. She will be remembered for her caring and kindhearted nature, always looking out for those in need, and her willingness to lend a helping hand to others. 

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