• A Lens of Appreciation

    There is a common idiom amongst today’s culture noting how "some people just see the world differently."   As the idea behind the saying is awesome, the saying itself isn’t right.   Not really.   People blessed with sensory feedback—vision being most obvious in this instance—are seeing the same t... View Post
  • At the heart of any unrest, especially anxious and worried thinking, is an overactive mind. This is something we call the “default mode network” of our brain, functioning in an unconscious manner; keeping us alert, aware, and, ultimately, alive. Unchecked, though, and victim to the constant stimu... View Post
  • OCD: Through My Pain

    How many times have you heard someone casually say “I’m so OCD?” Or you see a picture on social media with the hashtag OCD showing colors coordinated or organized spaces. It is one of the most misunderstood disorders. While it comes in many forms, this couldn’t be further from the representation ... View Post

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