• Growth Mindset

    A mindset is a way of thinking. It is how we motivate ourselves to do what we do and it is why we accomplish great, difficult things. It is also something that we can control, typically, and depending on how we think of the brain, our mindset can do more for our personal growth than just about an... View Post
  • Beauty Unveiled

    When people think about pageantry one of the first words that comes up is, ‘Beauty.’ Beauty pageants, Beauty queens; the word beauty has been inserted into the foundation of pageantry and is almost synonymous with the industry.   This undeniable truth has always raised an important question in me... View Post
  • A Lens of Appreciation

    There is a common idiom amongst today’s culture noting how "some people just see the world differently."   As the idea behind the saying is awesome, the saying itself isn’t right.   Not really.   People blessed with sensory feedback—vision being most obvious in this instance—are seeing the same t... View Post

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